Business Broadband

Fibre Business Broadband Packages for Business


We offer a number of business broadband and Ethernet packages. We work closely with existing IT providers and infrastructure to provide seamless installations and transfers.

Ultrafast Broadband 100 Package

  • Up to 100MBPS download speeds
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Phone line with unlimited calls

Ultrafast Broadband 200 Package

  • Up to 200MBPS download speeds
  • Unlimited downloads & calls
  • Free for first 3 months!

Ultrafast Broadband 300 Package

  • Up to 300MBPS download speeds
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Phone line with unlimited calls

No limits means no limits at 360group

Our packages come with these business-strength features:

  • Our all-singing all-dancing wireless router optimised for superfast and ultrafast speeds
  • A business class Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • 24-hour support on free 0800 number to UK call centres
  • Easy access to simple bills through our online e-billing portal

And who needs limits in a world of opportunity?

  • NO monthly usage caps on downloads
  • NO traffic throttling on downloads during working hours
  • NO hidden charges

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Ethernet Solutions

You can now take full advantage of the ever-increasing demand for reliable, low cost data services thanks to Ethernet Solutions from 360group. Our solution offers massive capacity and a technically advanced network with a nationwide reach, all with one important difference –a pricing structure that’s based on usage rather than distance. We think that’s rather special.

Our Ethernet Solutions bring everything together, as if it was all located at the same site. They provide simple, increasingly cost-effective ways to connect geographically-separated Local Area Networks, all with the same speed, convenience, reliability and great value.

The benefits are clear

High-speed capacity together with sustainable cost means faster, joined-up communications. This enables real-time collaboration within organisations, rapid transmission of data, deployment of distributed applications throughout the organisation and easy, speedy access to data from anywhere you fancy.

Ethernet Extensions Plus

We’re really proud of our Ethernet Extensions Plus solution, a newly enhanced product that includes up to 7 Classes of Service, rate limiting and optional web-based performance management reporting.

Available nationally between sites up to 35km apart, at 10/100Mbs and 1Gb, this is a robust and inherently secure service delivered over a dedicated fibre pair. Its key features include:

Cost effectiveness

Whether you need multiple circuits or a single connection, the service can be substantially more cost efficient than alternative solutions such as Leased Lines, particularly if large volumes of information are being moved between sites.

Predictable budgeting

Our rental charges are fixed and detailed in advance to enable easier and more accurate budgeting.

Seamless and responsive

We’ll provide high availability and quality of service, regardless of location.

High Capacity Services

When you want more, our high capacity services portfolio delivers high speed, multi-gigabit data capacity to support multi-protocol connectivity between sites. An added bonus is we can offer a dedicated capacity of 1Gb and upward throughout the UK and Ireland.

Interconnection with you is based on standard shorthaul optics. We can offer 1Gb, 2.5Gb and 10Gb wavelengths, either protected or unprotected.

Leased Lines and Carrier Private Circuits

Today, the possibilities of transmitting large volumes of data between distant and geographically isolated business sites isn’t so remote.

It’s all made possible through Leased Lines, through a dedicated network or by Carrier Private Circuits, using a combination of our own and third party networks. Operating over our core fibre network, you’ll benefit from industry- leading reliability at a highly competitive price.

Dark Fibre and Co-Location

By their nature, dark fibre and co-location services are bespoke and available throughout the national network, subject to availability.

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