WasteMaster, the latest innovation in managing food waste

We’re all concerned about increased waste. For many business owners, the cost of food waste disposal is an increasing part of their business. With food waste removal estimates reaching £200 or €280 per tonne or even higher, the challenge of dealing with putrescible waste (solid waste that contains organic matter capable of being decomposed by microorganisms), especially for businesses involved in hospitality or food retailing, has become increasingly top of mind for those who are looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Whilst businesses may employ processes to minimise the waste generated in their business, such as improved food handling; the fact is that for many, managing waste is an ongoing daily part of their routine that they have limited options to impact.

Not all waste solutions are user-friendly.

There’s a variety of food waste solutions out there with predominantly the same goal – to degrade, compact and reduce waste matter. How they function varies and operating these
solutions can be:

  • unpleasant – with strong odours being emitted as waste
    decomposes; and
  • difficult – having to monitor bacteria levels, for example, or
    drain the machine of water.

The Forum WasteMaster is different. It has little to no odour and
is simple to operate.

What businesses can benefit from WasteMaster?

Any business that deals with putrescible waste on a daily basis
can benefit from WasteMaster.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, international WasteMaster
customers include:

  • Domiso Co Ltd, Nagano: using WasteMaster to manage food
    waste resulting from the supply of meals to a variety of school
  • Nishiki Foods, Miyagi: using WasteMaster to separate oil from wastewater resulting from the production of curry products
  • City of Dreams Casino, Macau: using WasteMaster to manage
    the food waste from their various restaurants/food outlets

Forum WasteMaster is now in Australia and installations have
commenced. Local case studies will be available soon.