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A new report looking into the best and worst urban areas for 4G coverage has been carried out by consumer watchdog Which?. The report found the availability of 4G coverage and download speed varies massively across the UK’s 20 biggest cities and towns.

The report found that Middlesbrough has the best 4G mobile coverage in Britain, while Bournemouth has the worst.

83% availability for mobiles users seeking 4G in Middlesbrough was enough for the city to top the table in the report, ahead of Sunderland, Leeds, Leicester and Sheffield. Bournemouth was found at the very bottom of the pile with just 67.5% availability, just being Southampton, Nottingham, Portsmouth and Cardiff. London was ranked just 16th out of the 20 cities that were studied for the report.

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360group – Mobiles in St Ives

The study by Which? Comes after a government report found Britain’s 4G mobile coverage was considerably worse than other countries such as the US and Japan. That particular report carried out by the infrastructure watchdog, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), ranked the UK 54th in the world when it came to 4G coverage.

The latest study, carried out by Which? Also found that as well as coverage issues, there is a huge difference in download speed for 4G mobile users in different cities.

The report found that Stoke-on-Trent came ahead of Liverpool, Leicester and Coventry. While at the other end of the table, those in Brighton experienced the worst download speeds, with Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh not far behind. London was ranked 16th.

“The mobile data experience isn’t the same in every city for UK consumers,” said Brendan Gill, the chief executive of OpenSignal. “Users found signals more often in Middlesbrough than in Manchester and faster 4G connections in Stoke than in London.”

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