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A landline phone for your business is practical, cost-effective and keeps your business looking professional. There are so many benefits, and 360Group are the perfect providers for your telecommunications solutions.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a landline phone:


A business landline is very efficient for your business, we offer landlines alongside our Business Mobile services which means our customers have all that they need in one place. This means one phone bill which saves times drawing together separate bills.

Look professional

Your business will look more professional by using a landline phone than a mobile phone. Having a fixed address and a dedicated business phone will make your business look professional and trust-worthy.

Disconnect from work

Particularly for small businesses, a landline phone brings you a healthier work/life balance and allows you to disconnect. Out-of-hours messages will simply go to voicemail that you can deal with the next working day. This is a lot better for you than using a mobile, as customers may feel they can contact you whenever they want, including weekends which may be hard for you to disconnect.

Reduce your costs

Having the business on one landline package can take advantage of a package deal. You can also change your deal as your business grows, paying for only the services you need. Small businesses are also allowed to by the government to deduct costs from their turnover that were a result from attempting to create revenue for the business.

Use some great features

Modern landline phones have some great features such as three-way calling, call diversion, call waiting and caller ID. You can direct customers easily to the right people in your business at a press of a button. And you can take important messages for staff members when they are unavailable, providing the best customer service you can at all times for your customers.

360group – Business Phone Systems

Here at 360Group, saving you money is what we do best. Focus on your business, and feel at ease, knowing we have got you a great deal for your telecommunications. Our long-term partnerships with Samsung, 02 and Virgin Media Business, to name a few, allow us to make huge savings for you.

You are in safe hands choosing 360group for your landline phone, as not only do we provide you with the best deal, we respond to any faults that may occur within 4 hours. All of our new installations and phone-line faults are dealt with by an Openreach engineer who provides the best quality workmanship.

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