Business Cloud Solutions

You’ve heard about ‘The Cloud’, but what could it really mean for your business? The cloud is your new office, and it goes wherever you go. Welcome to the wonderful world of Office 365!

Are you ready to improve the way you work?

You’ve started work on a project on your laptop in the office. You now have to catch a train. With Office 365 you can pick up exactly where you left off by working on your smartphone on the train. Next, you arrive at your customer’s office. You can pick up the same project and start working on it on your tablet. No document duplication, your work stays in the cloud and it goes where you go! You can now work from anywhere in the world on any device, in perfect harmony with your business.

Changing the way you work

  • VOIP – Voice over IP (Internet telephony)
    Communications services for voice calls and fax which are carried via the Internet with a basic hosted (not on site) phone system, rather than a traditional phone line with internal phone system on site. This is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • SIP – Session Initiation Protocol (Internet telephony)
    Similar to VoIP but without a hosted phone system, the system sits in-house and calls are made out over an internet line. This is more suitable for larger businesses who want to benefit from the flexibility of a hosted solution.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is more than a subscribed office suite though, it also offers web applications, website hosting and domain, Sharepoint and Onedrive (online storage servers) – a fantastic product for a small or starting business.

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