Call Recording

recordX is a unified call recording solution that includes fixed-line, mobile and VoIP – recording in a single solution.

recordX is designed to enhance your business by enabling you to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

By recording all telephone orders or discussions, you can quickly confirm back to a customer what was agreed. This enables any disputes to be quickly resolved and for the customer to be retained for future business. It also means the avoidance of time-consuming litigation.

recordX also works alongside your staff to help them develop their customer service skills as well as drive new sales through better telesales techniques.

recordX meets the regulatory requirements defined by the FSA and by other regulatory bodies. It is also updated regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the latest regulations as and when they change.

Users can securely access recordX both locally and remotely and review recordings that their security policy allows.

recordX works with businesses and call centres of any size, as well as multiple sites, to deliver the maximum benefit at the most cost-effective price.

recordX is scalable from 4 to 480 ports per system.

recordX Mobile

360Coms in conjunction with oxcart have produced a seamless integration to record Blackberry devices directly onto the recordX platform. A single user interface allows all call types to be viewed and played.


Call Evaluation

This module allows Managers and Supervisors to carry out the objective and automated evaluation of calls. By scoring calls against manager defined questionnaires, both quality and performance can be measured and used as the basis for both improvements in customer service and for reward schemes.

  • Design Custom Questionnaires
  • Create Sample Call Sets for Evaluation
  • Run Graphical Reports
  • Identify Training Needs
  • Measure Performance Improvement over Time

Mobile Recording

Our market leading voice recording solution can now record mobile telephony traffic. This enables organisations in the Financial Services industry to record mobile communications in a fully compliant manner, to ensure that users adhere to market regulations and also meet FSA, MiFID and BS 10008 standards.


The recordX SDK is an optional set of tools and documentation that enables software/database engineers to integrate external systems with the recordX application. Systems integrators can use the recordX SDK to fulfil a variety of business requirements including PCI compliance. The SDK allows third party software vendors to initiate start/stop commands allowing customers to control which part of the telephone call the recordX system should record thereby ensuring sensitive information is not recorded.

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