Managed Services


“We offer three core tiers of support within our managed services, designed to help you keep your business running smoothly.”

Each managed services tier provides a foundation for the next, with all delivered at a predictable, monthly cost.

  • Server: Full remote infrastructure management for monitoring and remediation of your IT investments by an expert team. Provision of full off-site managed services with monitoring and patch management of your network. Our engineers troubleshoot, remedy and report issues and events automatically, allowing your focus to be on more strategic tasks.
  • Network: Everything needed to manage your network – in one place. Our cloud-based network operations system converts dozens of normally long and complex tasks to easy, automated steps, all through a beautiful and smooth interface.
  • Desktop: Desktop Care offers the optimal blend of tools, back-office services and bundled third-party software options for efficient and effective desktop management. DC includes patch management, anti-virus and spyware, remote access, client communicator, client access portal, reporting, free interactive technical training and more.

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No Surprises

Regular and predictable monthly outgoings for IT are great for small businesses, but sometimes there’s a one-off project or on-site issue that means you require extra help.

Pay As You Go

You can top up as and when you choose, in case of any on-site emergencies or ad-hoc IT projects, which means you can just call whenever you need us, without worrying about emergency purchases or unbudgeted costs.