Smartphones have taken over our lives. We spend an average of three and a half hours on them every day. Whilst we rely on our devices for work and life admin, we could all benefit from taking some time out to have a digital declutter, and enhance our daily lives by spring cleaning our phones.

If you keep complaining about a sluggish device and have dozens of disorganised apps then this task should definitely be at the top of your spring cleaning list!

  1. De-clutter – Start with an uninstalling spree.  Delete any apps on your smartphone that you haven’t used for the last 6 months, this will free up memory and make your phone more secure.
  2. Back it up and update – Make sure everything on your phone stays safe, secure, and up to date. Those updates might take a few minutes but this will ensure your phone continues to perform well.
  3. Delete old photos and videos – Scroll through your camera roll and delete those duplicated photos and videos that are taking up storage space. Once you’ve backed up your phone, your pictures should all be safe on the cloud anyway.
  4. Control scrolling time – Check your phone’s wellbeing on settings, you can also set daily limits on individual apps.  Investigate Focus and Wind Down modes, and keep an eye on the data that helps monitor screen time.
  5. Clean up – For a germ-free smartphone, give your phone a real-life clean with alcohol wipes. Alternatively, spray antibacterial cleaner onto a microfibre cloth and wipe.
  6. Change your wallpaper to a photo that makes you smile – Pick a new ringtone and head to settings to turn off any notifications that make your heart sink.

By following these simple steps, hopefully your phone will be faster, cleaner, and more secure.

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