A common misconception is that only the largest companies can afford a call recording system, yet in fact, there are several cost-effective call recording systems for all businesses. This means your business can benefit from the incredible variety of advantages that come with recording your customer interactions over the phone. It is important to note that call recording is only legal if you have made customers aware that a call is being recorded, this can be achieved by telling somebody before the conversation personally, or by a pre-recorded message. With so many to discuss, here are the main benefits of a call recording system!

Re-visit information discussed

It is common to miss information a customer said, or to forget a specific detail from a long phone call conversation. You may finish a positive conversation with a customer and wonder if you had mentioned something important, pondering whether to ring them back or to leave it. When on the phone to a customer it is vital to listen, often notes are taken to capture the important details, but this can actually disrupt active listening. With a call-recording solution, you can pay full attention to the customer, listening to every single detail they are saying, allowing you to be fully responsive to them. Always ask for clarification if an environment is noisy or they spoke too quickly, but have the peace of mind that you can re-visit the call at a later date to capture the information.

Evaluate your customer service

If you are a business owner, it is likely that you have invested time and money into training your customer service team. Whether this is well-versing your products and services, or preparing them for a range of scenarios, your customer service needs to be impeccable as it can be detrimental for the success of your business. With call-recording software, you can hear the conversations your team has with customers. This has so many benefits, as you can use the best-handled conversations for learning purposes, you can show new members of the team how to compose themselves and common situations they may find themselves in. Call recording systems allow for customer service consistency where customers will always be greeted with a high level of customer service, no matter who they talk to. Monitor call recordings with staff to provide the feedback they need to progress.

Enhance your product or service offering

By hearing what customers are saying directly on a phone call, you can gauge how customers feel about your product or service, and how they are using the product. It is always crucial to know what your customers think, as it is very likely that other customers are feeling the same way. With a call recording system, you can store all of the conversations had with customers to cross-reference similar topics, likes, dislikes and rooms for improvement for your company. By storing their invaluable information can opinions, you can directly make the improvements that are needed for your company. Instead of spending money on what you think may improve your offering, you can directly target what you have been told will improve it.

Settle disputes cleanly

Sometimes, customers can be upset and in the worst cases, can threaten to take legal action against you. Lawsuits can be crippling for all sized businesses, but you can be protected by recording all of your conversations to have clear documented evidence of what happened. It is essential to get into this best practices as early as possible, as you never know what could happen in the future. For smaller disputes, managers can hear a conversation record and move on to resolve the customer dispute.

Call Recording Systems

Call Recording Systems

Gain testimonials and customer stories

In today’s world, having other people speak of their customer satisfaction is arguably the best form of marketing for your business. Yet, it can be hard to get a customer’s review in writing, especially when they need to log in to an account to write their thanks. By recording your calls, you can capture the brilliant moments of glowing customer feedback, hearing why the product or service has helped them so much. You can ask if the content of the call can be used, and if a customer approves, you can use their feedback as a customer success story on your website or for a marketing campaign!

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